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What Tunes You Need at Your Wedding!

How many songs do I need to pick?

This is the part of event planning that most couples struggle to complete. Often, there are too many or too few choices. It's a fine balance between choosing some songs you love and pleasing your guests; remember, your guests can range in age from small kids to seniors. If you desire full participation from everyone, you'll want a wide range of music that will please everyone.

So how many songs do you need? There is a balance here too. You'll want to give your DJ enough songs to know your musical taste plus those you absolutely want to hear; especially true for unique or cultural songs that are not mainstream radio played. Often these are specific to a culture, Greek life, or even childhood songs. About 10-20 would be enough.

Don't forget to tell your DJ what you don't want or music you despise. We want you happy on your wedding day, not upset about music being played. Remember, this "do not play," list will be applied to guest requests. You should be mindful of what they want and not add songs you simply don't like when your family or friends enjoy the music. Just let your DJ know that you don't want to hear many, if any of them.

Can't I just make a list of songs I want you to play in order?

We would like to know why you're hiring a DJ if you want them to be a media player? DJ's spend a great deal of time watching a crowd, and seeing what's working and moving away from what's not. This is the most critical skill for a DJ. People are forgiving for mistakes in mixing, but not so for poor musical selections. We allow you to have a "play if possible" list and you can place as many tracks on that list as you like. It doesn't mean we'll play them, but we'll work them into a mix. If we can, we will play as many as we possibly can. If none of those songs are working, we'll use our judgement and knowledge to move the crowd.

So what tunes do I need at my wedding?

Now that is the real question. Our suggestions are:

  1. Your specialty tracks (1st Dance, Processional, Recessional, etc...)

  2. Your favorite tracks 15-20 is more than enough.

  3. Your family favorites. These are what get your whole family dancing.

Picking those tracks can be done with a wedding playlist from online or like our Top 500 Wedding Tracks on Spotify. We're not suggesting we play all of these nor the majority of them. Just know this list is a curation of many lists and requested songs at weddings. You will find tracks here that you've heard at a wedding and you witnessed your family dancing wildly to them. These are the gems you want to add.

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