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DJ Michael has rocked events for almost 20 years. Starting as a lighting designer and working in technical theater, he has mastered creating moments. Music is the core of your event, but combined with amazing effects, articulation, and personality, Michael creates moments that will be remembered. His demand has dramatically increased as weddings have changed to focus on organic transitions and moment design. His mixing style is smooth, modern, and family-friendly. 

"I focus on bringing generations together with a common love for music and celebration. There are thousands of great songs. The trick is bringing them together to represent all generations and musical tastes, which results in amazing love and energy." ~Michael

Empty Seats

About Michael

DJ Michael brings years of experience working in clubs, bars, and restaurants. His mixing skills are excellent. He’ll have your guest dancing long into the night with a smooth blend of Top 40 hits and forgotten dance floor fillers. From Frank Sinatra to just released EDM, Michael’s collection spans 65,000 music tracks with access to 8 million downloadable songs, and he’ll guarantee to have the songs you want for your wedding day. He’s the reception wedding DJ you’ll want for your event and for events you attend.

DJ Michael is an experienced concert and theater lighting technician. This skill set brings more creativity with your light-scaping choices of uplighting, monograms, wash lighting, spotlights, and more. He does not use plug-and-play lights. Every fixture is programmed for that precious moment and time. Let Michael help you create that photogenic magical moment with custom wedding lighting.

The Event DJ of choice, DJ Michael, draws experience from hundreds of events. He mixes the music of your choice and builds a setlist or suggests songs based on your musical taste. He doesn’t forget about your guest. He’ll take all guest requests and combine the music requests into a party to remember.

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DJ Michael

National DJNews TV
Guest Speaker

Michael contributes to a national DJ Video Podcast. He's collaborated with DJs nationwide to improve wedding looks, feel, and experience using current tools and trends.

"Most couple's point of reference with lighting is prior events where clients did not pay for lighting, and the DJ took it upon themself to add in lighting. This is often spinny, blinky, and obnoxious Spencer Gifts lighting, completely inappropriate for a wedding. It's not how it's done with my clients. We start with the vibe they're trying to create and go from there. We don't just put up what we have and call it a day."

DJ Michael teaching a bride how to mix.

About Us

Empty Seats 

DJ Michael and the M.R.K. The entertainment team brings a unique mix of music that blends your musical preferences with classic and current hits and a few surprise forgotten gems that will fill your guest dance floor all night. We consider the ambiance and moment and help you craft an organic transition between them. We add in some new modern variations of entertainment with a focus on just celebration and not hokey games or props.  

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