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Vibo Wedding App

Our wedding planning app is customized to your event and needs. We can also help you add users and get custom guest links to request songs. Not in the same city as your planner? There is no problem with Vibo. Feel free to schedule a meeting by emailing the links to learn how to customize your planning forms to meet your needs. 


Your Client Login

At M.R.K. Entertainment, we use CUE. CUE is a client platform that allows you to connect ALL your vendors to one client portal. On this platform, you will approve proposals, add services, and sign your contract.

Click here to access your tools.

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Online Playlist

We accept online playlists. If you have something already built, share it on CUE. If you want to build something with friends and share it later, that's fine, too. Most of our clients share online playlists. Here are some of the lists we receive most often: 

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Shutter Fly

Who would have thought? Shutterfly offers a great option for finding unique songs you might have never have thought about. If you want specifically jazz and a first dance, this browser-based app will help you find it fast. 

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We receive many clients from the Knot. They offer some good planning tools and great options for selecting special songs. We can assist with using these tools or helping you find a song that is unique to you. 

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