What do you need?

M.R.K.Entertainment customizes options for every client, no two clients are the same. What we don't do is settle for the easy choices, convenience or profit. We take your vision and budget to help you make your day even more special by maximizing your budget. We'll walk you through the music selections for every moment. We'll even help you choose lighting and effects to make your event stand out. We even offer you a 100% Money Back Guarantee. Yes, all of our events are guaranteed and backed up. We want you more than satisfied, we want you elated!

We couldn't have asked for more. Michael was there with the suggestions from high impact to subtle organic changes. Music, announcements and lighting, it all comes together with Michael and his team.

Mary M.

How Muchdo you


This is the most commonly asked question! The real answer is, it depends. Two speakers and a mic is far easier to setup than massive truck of gear. We don't want to sell you any service you don't want or need. We want to sell our clients everything they need to create the event of a lifetime. 




Have a simple party?

Birthdays, Bat/Bar Mitzvah, Anniversaries, Beach, Private Residences we can help with custom mixes to make that make your party rock. 

4 Hours 

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Wedding 2021 


Amazing Seeing Package 

Don't be fooled, this is so much more than a DJ. Stop shopping and click her to learn more

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Corporate Events require something different. We'll not only bring your musical preference, we'll add your logo, jingles and make your party uniquely your company. 

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Request Live

We take your request live via a custom mobile number to secure your event. Guest can text for any request. No need to feel awkward with approaching the DJ