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School Dances

• Online Planning Forms

• Request List for Senate & Guests

• Unlimited Consultations

• 4 Hours of Music

• 4000watt Sound System

• Subwoofers for bass

• Wireless Microphones for announcements

• L.E.D. Dance floor Lighting (Wash)

• Lasers 

• Black Lights

• 4 Moving Heads (Custom Programmed)

• Lighting Technician to control the lights.

• 12 Uplight's ($600 value)

• Monogram Designed (We'll match your School Logo)

• Monogram (printed, metal & glass extra)

• Video Guestbook (can be used as a Photo Booth)

• $200 off our Mirror booth! (Optional)

• Free GoPro Footage (We'll run them for you)

• Confetti Launchers

• Bubble machines

School Dances are often overlooked by DJ's solely due to the financial advantage of doing a wedding. We have members on staff to help with creating a fun, safe and appropriate school dance. We work to compromise with students, staff and administration for music selections and preferences with music. ​Our DJ's will take student request and work with coordinating staff to carefully select popular and high energy music for a great dance, prom or homecoming.