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How much is a wedding DJ?

Weddings can be expensive. For most couples, this is a new experience and it can quickly become overwhelming. Finding reliable professionals, organizing everyone, and most importantly, managing the budget. As you itemize your expenses, you quickly learn that costs can add up. You should organize your budget into prioritized categories. What categories are most important to you?

What other couples said.

Polls conducted by The Knot (2015 & 2012) & Martha Stewart Weddings (2014) of couples before and after their wedding were asked, "What was the importance of the entertainment? Couples who hired a DJ responded with one of the most important factors. We agree and understand this importance.

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With the average wedding budget of $27,800.00 and an average number of guests at 131 (for Maine: $33,000 and Average guest count of 135), what would you consider the importance of the entertainment? We understand many clients have seen many unprofessional and fly-by-night operations, that's not us. We specifically work with weddings, we record and review our announcements, and performances. We love guest feedback and strive to change the business as we know weddings can be fun!

So why do people think DJ's are expensive?

This is a common misconception because so many people have risked their wedding day on an iPod, friend, family member, and even newbies. I have seen weddings with iPods and home stereos; don't do it! Does risking your entire budget to save a few hundred dollars make sense? Of all the vendors, the number one vendor who can easily squelch your day is your DJ with a mic.

Without boring you with an itemized list, let's break it down. Marketing, insurance (make sure you DJ has it), music, business tools, and of course lighting and sound equipment. This all can easily run in the tens of thousands of dollars each year. In Maine, no one wants to get married on a Tuesday in February. That leaves DJ's with approximately 20 prime dates. If the average DJ is $1,000, they are cutting corners. The question is, what are they cutting, and will you find out on your wedding day?

About M.R.K. Entertainment

Image of DJ Michael
DJ Michael of M.R.K. Entertainment

We have an excellent track record and we have never had a complaint about the cost. We revolve our equipment on a cycle to ensure we have current efficient and professional equipment. We focus on exceptional wedding formalities with clear announcements and party rocking receptions that leave guests chanting "One More Song!" Take the time to interview and meet your potential DJ, they will represent you and your whole day. You'll be glad you hired a pro when you can step back and enjoy the day.

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