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Catch Michael on DJNTV

I've had the opportunity to be a contributor to Disc Jockey News TV. This is a national video podcast aimed at mobile entertainers and wedding DJs. The founder is John Young. Dan Carpenter is a host whom I had the opportunity to meet in Atlantic City for the DJX23 Conference. We shared some conversations about the industry, which quickly transitioned into lighting. Dan asked if I would contribute to DJN to help other DJs.

The focus of the discussion is wedding lighting. Many DJs will bring simple systems called "Dance Floor Lighting." Then, we see the results ruining special moments like a first dance or killing the vibe a couple is seeking. I help Dan, Cubbie, & viewers rethink what lighting means for weddings. It's not about flash and bang; it's about accenting the moment to create a unique experience.

I bring over 50 lights to weddings. Not all are used, but many are. The proper placement, arrangement, and programming are critical to accent what you're attempting to create. In many cases, these fixtures can make an ordinary moment unique or even save the day; yes, they have.

If you want to geek out, have a watch and give us a like. #wedding #lighting #DJNTV

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