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York Tennis & Golf Club Romantic Wedding in a Historic Building

One unique location, hidden in the cove of York, is the York Golf & Tennis Club. The venue is a historic building that makes for a romantic wedding. This gem has charm, views, convenience and a superb staff that works in tandem with all your vendors to create those perfect moments.

This was a cool Autumn day. It took approximately 2.5 hours to setup. The Venue is something like 200 years old. I like this spot because it allows for the creation of zones and still keeps people together. Challenges for DJ's is the tables are located in two long halls. You'll need multiple wireless speakers to cover these areas as the main dance floor has walls and obstacles blocking projection. The setup usually entails placing the DJ in front of the fireplace. I love to steal the opportunity to highlight special features like this.

The ceremony is easy. It's located on a very flat field next to the porch. I usually setup away from the building to be out of the pictures. I've had little radio interference; wireless bands of 480-560mhz have worked just fine. I also like to hide photos in the hydrangeas where people can't see the speakers. It would be better to setup on the porch, but it's difficult if there are tables.

The wedding ceremony views are fantastics. As you can see above, there is water in the background. Usually, cocktail hour will take place on the field or on the porch. As we progress, we move to introductions where take place in the dance hall. Entrance is through the main doors.

As mentioned before, dinner takes place on the porch. Speeches can be done in the main dance hall with everyone standing or the can be done on the porch from the corner, where the sweetheart table is usually located.

This location is excellent for the dancing portion. There is ample room to dance. The sound is fantastic due to all the wood. Photo booths can be placed outside, bar in the back room, space to get air and space to watch.

All-in-all this is a very good venue. Yes, I do believe you or someone at your party has to be a member. If you can get a date and you're looking at less than 150 people, this is a great location. Lot's of parking, great staff and amazing sound.

Congratulations to Izzy & Matt. Special "Thanks" to Dee Renee Photography for all the photos to share. And thank you to all the vendors who made Izzy & Matt's day very sepcial.

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