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Mountain Wedding at the Jordan Hotel July 16th 2016

The Fortin Wedding took place on Saturday, July 16th of 2016 at the Jordan Hotel at Sunday River Maine. Tony and Alyssa wanted a simple wedding with close family and friends. They also wanted a laid back but fun Wedding DJ. The Jordan Hotel was a great spot with scenic views and great spaces. With the warm 85 degrees and cool breeze, the weather and scenery made this wedding picturesque. We were selected as the the wedding DJ of choice. Thank You Mr. & Mrs. Fortin for letting us be a part of your special day.

This mountain wedding was romantic and elegant. The spiral walkway makes for an excellent grand entrance for Maine Wedding. There is a cement platform with a birch tree log arbor that conveniently hides the cement. I believe this platform is for a snow gun in the Winter. The sence is amazing and gives grandeur to your event. There is electricity at the platform which is great for sound and microphones; something often missing at many ceremony locations and something your wedding DJ will appreciate. The trees are cut giving a cathedral like hall of trees that make your moment intimate. That with the spiraling walkway exit, you have a picturesque moment.

Sliders is the restaurant attached to the Jordan Hotel. It has an octagon shape with a balcony, but it works for weddings. Photographers will want to shoot the mountains as a backdrop, but they might have problems with the giant glass windows that give a great view of the hills; windows produce flashback with cameras. Aside from that, this room is great for about 100-125 guest. Your wedding DJ could be placed in the balcony out of the way. Sliders also has a great wrap around deck and is attached to the hotel and you can walk the hall to your room. Your wedding DJ will apprecaiate more electical outlets on the deck for speakers. You get the outdoor and indoor accessibility.

The Jordan Hotel and Sliders staff are friendly, helpful and quick to solve problems. They are aware of the time and quick with food. Table service is always cheaper than buffets and it’s more elegant. The food is great. The bar is full service and conveniently located in the middle under the balcony. This is great for all guest to access the bar.

We loved working with the Sliders and Jordan Hotel staff and especially the Fortin’s who had an amazing wedding reception in the mountains of Bethel, Maine.

DJ Michael & Team.

The Wedding DJ Specialist.

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