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Changes coming for 2021

We're redesigning EVERYTHING! 2021 will bring new packages and amazing opportunities unique to We will bring the best of everything for every wedding. No more "al a cart" or stacking pricing. We will be providing the best of our services at the best price point for a Southern Maine DJ.

So what's the big deal?

The big deal is most companies have "add-on" services that greatly increase the cost of an event. The reality is, these products are often paid for in one season and the return is upwards of 1,000% on the investment.

We've long paid for much of our equipment. The vast majority of clients want some fun opportunities and customization without having to purchase add-ons. We're putting the request into one package that can't be beaten.

Why would you include extras without the add-on cost?

We're including the best add-ons because we have them, they're paid for and we only take a few select events each year. It does not make sense to have equipment sitting on a shelf. Given our limited date availability, we'll charge slightly more but do fewer events.

Inquire today for your event availability.

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