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2021 Photo Booth

The 2021 season is off the hook. We're almost booked solid and people are dying to party. It feels great to be back in the swing of celebrating with friends and families. If you know someone who still needs help finding a DJ, we can help.

We upgraded our wedding packages to include a simple but useful photo booth. Now we're adding in the options for GIF's; hopefully you're not a silly as these folks.

Here is an example of our free Photo Booth. It's a maple wood case that has battery backup. Yes, we can place it just about anywhere and move it at different times during your event: arrival, cocktail, dinner, dancing times.

This booth is portable. We set it and let it go. No limitations to your use of the booth. The booth also has a battery stored inside that we can change out. Sow when the evening comes, the LED light stays on and illuminates the staging area. In this case at The Hive, we aimed it at this rustic barn with some country props. It could also be again a brick wall or even capture the dancing behind the agues. There are a lot of options here.

The quality of the images are great. We use an iPad Pro which has fantastic images. The samples below include a traditional 3-image strip and individual photos. You get to decide which you want. We also give you ALL the images after your event. We can also give you an option to print wirelessly from the Photo Booth for an additional cost.

Don't wait for your event. Book Today and claim your date and let us help you develop a memorable day.

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