• Michael

iPod Wedding How To

So you’re considering an iPod Wedding?

The inside on iPod weddings and the diy family dj.

Why not just use an iPod to play those tracks for your special day. The the addition of the iPhone, everyone has access to thousands of tracks on a device that is very dependable. Some DJ’s might tell you they never use them, but the reality is, there are times where they work and many occasions where they don’t. So you’re thinking about renting the equipment you need and using an iPod or iPhone? Maybe you have a friend or relative who appears excited about helping you out and offered to make those musical changes for you. There are many sites that give you excellent instructions on how to engage in this option. Before your run to the rental store, here are a few things to consider.

We’ll acknowledge our bias up front. We are wedding DJ’s and we love what we do. Of course we want you to book with us and support our business. Are iPhones or iPods a threat? No, not at all. We fully understand the intricacies of event planning and timing. We are not threatened by amateurs or kids with laptops.

Just last night, I went to a lake front wedding for a wonderful couple from Massachusetts. This couple clearly had a limited budget, but wanted a beautiful wedding. They made the decision to use a professional DJ because timing and announcements were very important to them. When I arrived, the venue coordinator came to me and wanted to talk. She said, “I want to talk to you about making announcements.” Apparently, the week prior a young DJ was announcing, “Everyone please go to the tent to eat.” This was an amateur DJ, not a family friend or iPod.

Making announcements appears easy when done by a professional or experienced EmCee. It’s just words. In most cases words are everything to a moment. You carefully select words for your vows, or speech. To keep the intimacy of your day, those thoughtful words should carry throughout the evening. Hiring an experienced DJ to help with announcements and introductions, makes your event transition in a more natural way. Think about the last time you heard announcements by someone who was nervous. Ask yourself, will my family friend feel at ease to make clear and eloquent announcements?